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Admitting Defeat

Posted by evankessler on July 3, 2004

Yes, I know, it’s only 10:40 pm and it’s a Friday night. Maybe I shouldn’t admit defeat so early on a weekend evening, but I’m okay with it if you are. After all, there’s one extra day this weekend and my July 2nd has been wonderful so far so why spoil it. Well to be perfectly honest my day opened on the sourest of notes as I found out that my Ipod battery had died. I was completely devastated and felt utterly helpless. While that helplessness seemed to linger through part of my day there were more positives than negatives as the day went on.

First off I went to Blockheads Burritos for lunch with the rest of team 92/98 and we even partook in some alcoholic enjoyment in margerita form. Our producer, Marie, is leaving for Europe on Monday so it was somewhat of a last hurrah for the team before we officially start on I Love the 90’s part deux without any of part one to worry about. Marie hooked us all up with DVD copies of The Big Lebowski from our 1998 show, which is one of my favorite pieces in our show. I’m not just saying that because that’s my piece. The footage from the movie is just so funny that it really just makes the piece. Other standouts from our years in my mind are Ross Perot , Woody Allen and Soon Yi in 1992 and Bill Clinton and John Glenn in 1998.
Besides that today was great because it kicked off the start to a long weekend and what’s not great about that. Kristin Ertel and I started the weekend by drinking on the roof of my apartment. The beer and the convesation was flowing as the hot sun beat down on us and Fountains of Wayne blasted from the stereo. It was quite the time. I enjoyed myself immensely and I hope she had a good time too. I think the roof is the place to be in the Summer of 2004. It’s a shame it took us til July to figure that out. Afterwards I walked Kristin to the subway and I joined Rich Mai and company for drinks at a Mexican Place on 14th between 7th and 8th. Good times, good people, good margheritas, even though I’m no expert. I mostly just BS’d with Jasky, Andy, Andrea, and Kayvalyn but I think a good time was had by all. Sometimes I think it seems these entries are lacking detail but when you’re drunk and all you can remember is just hanging out and bullshitting and enjoy the company around, well, sometimes that’s all that matters. At around 9:30, I started to realize how drunk I was and took a walk home. And that’s where I am now, just hanging out almost ready to pass out, unless ofcourse the phone were to ring with an offer I couldn’t refuse. I guess that’s sort of a weak tribute to Marlon Brando considering he died today at the age of 80. I’ve never been one for dwelling on the past though and I’m not much in the way of an obituary writer, so that’s all I’m going to give you.

Alright, tomorrow afternoon I’m off to a slip n’slide barbecue in Rockland at Joe Dworkin’s. If you don’t here from me until July 5th, have a good weekend. Now I’m off to watch my South Park season 4 dvd.

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