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Posted by evankessler on June 9, 2004

After much deliberation on how to put together a blog, I realized that all a blog consisted of was just a general journal and that all I really had to do was type up whatever I was thinking on a certain day. It doesn’t necessary call for other people to comment here. This is actually my blog and any commenting could take place on the message board. In fact most people start blogs because they don’t have their own web site. That’s a huge weight off of my shoulders. Now I could commence placing extremely deep thoughts on this section of the website. I know you are all excited for that prospect. In return, all of you can place your deep thoughts on my message board. Good then, it’s settled.

Other than that it hasn’t been a hugely eventful day. The major events consisted of going to Jamba juice for a free smoothie, buying the PJ Harvey album and going to my friend Craig’s graduation party at Acqua Pazza on 52nd between 5th and 6th. The food was wonderful and plentiful. Also, I was made aware, during a medical discussion of the disturbing possibility that there may actually be doctors that are Pediatric Gynecologists.

I wonder how the other doctors react to you when you declare that as your concentration in med school? I would assume they stop talking to you and you become very lonely.

Furthermore, I also discovered through discussion that very few people can distinguish between the John Williams’ scores for Indiana Jones, Superman, and Star Wars. Big points go out to anyone who calls me and hums them to me on the phone. Whenever I start one of them it inevitably always turns into Indiana Jones.

Upon returning home, I watched some TV. I totally forgot the basketball game was on but it didn’t really matter since all professional basketball games aren’t interesting until the final two minutes. I will stand by this theory for as long as I live. I didn’t actually watch game 2 of Pistons-Lakers series until overtime had already started and at this point it had gotten out of hand anyway.

I had planned to make this entry into some deep meditation on a personal issue however, after being bored to death by 3 minutes of overtime I became far too removed from the prior song that I had been listening to that invoked certain feelings of heartbreak and genuine longing for female companionship. I’m a sucker for that stuff if the right song hits. The NBA Playoffs had inspired general malaise instead. Thanks Shaq and Kobe, you’re the best. You should thank them too because I’m probably the last person anyone wants to get sensitive on them. There’ll be plenty of time for that now that I have this bitchin’ website. So I’ll just end this entry with a song lyric even though it’s not from the original song that was on my mind. I just think it’s clever.

“Find a way to brace yourself. Your heart’s a muscle and that’s all. And there’s no way that love can help your twisted ankle when you fall”. –Clem Snide – Exercise


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