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Blogs are Hip and Controversial

Posted by evankessler on June 2, 2004

If you’ve been reading the paper lately you know that blogs are hip and controversial. Some girl who graduated from Syracuse the year after me had sex with lots of guys in Washington D.C. and she wrote all about it on her blog.

This caused a scandal in Washington and now she’s making lots of money because of this controversy. I’m hoping this blog that is not in existence at the moment, does the same for me, well not the part about sex with guys, but the part about making lots of money for typing stuff on your blog.

And just another thought about a blog. Isn’t it the same thing as a message board? What’s the difference?

And after you asked yourself that question allow me to ask you a question? How do you get a blog or message board on your website. I sure as hell don’t know. If anyone knows, please feel free to clue me in.

If I can’t accomplish this simple task my attempt at building a web site would have been all for naught.


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